Official Spiritwear

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9821 Olde Eight Rd
Northfield, OH US

Welcome to Official!

Official Spiritwear is a small, family owned business that is owned and operated by Jeff & Regina. We FINALLY have a storefront, but we don't have any additional employees which keeps our overhead down and our prices affordable! Many people have asked why we started this business when we already run our own individual online stores. Well, we have 3 girls in elementary school and we see lots of school logo apparel in various colors and styles. But what we don't see is anything fun and exciting! Everything is always the same from year to year. Always the same old "N" and always the same old colors. That gets kind of boring after a while, doesn't it? So, we decided to start making fresh designs for the kids, and teachers, to wear. Glitter, foil, rhinestones, camouflage, tie-dye, and even sequins are available! The colors are bright and the designs are exciting and engaging. No more of the same old, same old. We're even refreshing the tried and true designs and offering them on new and different garments that have never been offered before. And we're doing it with a purpose, too.  A portion of each and every sale of a Nordonia Spiritwear item will be donated to the PTA of the school where each purchasing student attends!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for shopping with us!